Trail Distance: 10km

Trail Difficulty: Moderate

General Location: Thunder Bay

Google Map Here.

Hike, snowshoe or bike along Carp River Road?on the?Fort William First Nation Reserve to? the Lamond River.? Great views of? the Squaw Bay mountain (I can’t find an official name for this mountain on any map) and Lake Superior.? Follow the trail for about 5k where you will reach a turn around area with an old foundation from a burned down cabin.? The Lamond River is just? 200m past the burned cabin footings on the trail to the left.? Make sure you have a map!? Hike back the way you came.

From the James St swing bridge turn left and drive east on City Road.? Turn right onto Mission Rd.? At the turn off to the Mt McKay lookout stay left and you will now be on Squaw Bay Road.? Follow Squaw Bay road to the Y at the waterfront.? Turn right here onto Brule Road and park before the road turns up to the treatment centre.? Carp River Road, or Lamond Road as some call it begins here at the corner.

Squaw Bay

(March 27, 2009)

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