Round-trip: 5 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: ?Thunder Bay, ON

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Snowshoe from the water treatment plant on Mission Road, over Crescent Lake, and around the base of Mt Rose.

I have posted a few hikes in this area now: Crescent Lake to Mud Lake, Crescent Lake, and Mt Rose. ?If you haven’t made it to Crescent Lake yet — it’s time to check it out! ?It’s so close and such a great area to explore.

Park at the water treatment plant parking lot on Mission Road, see above map for directions. ?Follow the parking lot to the back of the treatment buildings. ?There is a seldom followed trail here along the creek. Snowshoe toward the South-West until you meet up with the Crescent Lake trail. ?Follow the trail to Crescent Lake and snowshoe across the lake. ?Continue past the end of the lake along Whiskey Jack Creek? for about 600m and watch for an unmarked trail to the right. ?Follow this trail around the base of Mt Rose to a steep descent on the other side of the gully. ?From the bottom of the descent continue along the trail (possibly flagged with orange tape) until you reach the main snowmobile trail and go right. ?Follow this trail (the Sugar Maple Trail) all the way back to Mission Rd and the water treatment plant.
Crescent Lake

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I hope you're enjoying the site

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