Round-Trip: 5.5 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Click here for Google Map of the Route.


This loop takes you to a small waterfall on the West Davignon Creek.? I hear you can also get to this little waterfall from a trail at the corner of 4th Line and Allens Side Road, but I haven’t gone that way yet.

This is a great route to hike, mountain bike, or trail run.? There are just enough hills to make it interesting, and it is in town so you can quickly squeak in a workout if you are tight for time.

This route partly follows the “Maki Road to Goulais Bay Road” section of the Voyageur Trail.? Park at the corner of Maki Road and Aubin Road E near the stop sign and well out of the way of the many dump trucks that are going to and from the gravel pit at the end of Aubin Road E.? Walk east down Aubin Road toward the gravel pit.

Take the trail marked with white blazes to the left (north) just before you come to the gravel pit.? After 500m turn right (east) into a field and walk south-east toward the trees and find the white blazed voyageur trail.? Follow this trail over a hill and across an old road.? After you cross the road you will walk through the property of an old sugar shack.? Continue east until you take a steep hill down to a road. If you get to the creek with a small bridge crossing, you have gone a little too far. (If you crossed the creek here you would end up at Camp Korah and Goulais Bay Road)?? From the creek go to the west on the white blazed trail a few metres to get to the old road.

Follow this road south for about 1km staying right at the two intersections.? Here you will be watching for orange flag tape.? The trail is not obvious for a short time as you take a corner that will go south-west and then east until you get onto an old road that curves down a hill leading to the base of the falls.

The falls are in a narrow gully and are surprisingly about 20ft high.? There is an area with larger boulders at the base of the falls that is a good place to take a break if the bugs aren’t too bad.

From the falls head west back up the hill then take the trail to the right (east) and follow it up a long gradual hill.? Follow this road until you meet back up with the white blazed trail that is the voyageur trail and follow this trail toward the west, back the way you came,? to the parking area.


Davignon Falls Loop


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