Trail Difficulty:? Easy

Trail Distance: 1km

General Location:? Macdiarmid, ON

Google Map Here.

Walk on an abandoned rail line through this 1000 foot tunnel that some say is the longest train tunnel in the area.? There is potential for falling rock and ice inside as the tunnel is no longer maintained.? I have heard that it may be slated for destruction.? It’s a good idea to bring a flash light to help watch your footing.? On my first trip to this tunnel I drove down to Jumbo’s Cove Resort where the owner has the best sign posted on one of the buildings:? “Talk Loud, Walk Slow, Keep your hands where I can see them.”

From Nipigon drive East on Highway 11/17 and then turn left onto Highway 11.? After you drive for about 53 km, watch on the right for a utility building where you can park.? If you get to the Rocky Bay First Nations in MacDiarmid you have gone too far.? From the parking spot cross the highway and walk down the road to Jumbo’s Cove.? Turn right when you reach the tracks and follow them.? You will soon see the entrance to the tunnel.

Jumbo's Cove

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