Roundtrip: 4km

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Kakabeka Falls, ON

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Obviously the main attraction of Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park are the Kakabeka Falls themselves, but this short hike brings you to a beautiful set of small falls hidden in the forest.

From Thunder Bay head west on highway 11/17 for 30km to the town of Kakabeka Falls.? The park entrance is just west of the town on the left.? Park in the main parking lot and pay the day fee at the self serve fee station.

Walk across the bridge and follow the path staying left past the park building to the Mountain Portage Trail gravel loop.? The Little Falls Trail begins near the south west end of this loop trail.? There is a sign indicating the start of each of the trails.

You can go either direction but most people follow the trail along the West Gorge of the Kam River before descending to reach the Little Falls.? Much of the trail in the gorge is like walking in an enchanted forest.? The return trail follows the creek to the Kam and continues upriver.? There is a short steep climb back to the top of the gorge where you connect back up with the Mountain Portage Trail.

Little Falls

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