Roundtrip: 5 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Location:? Thunder Bay, ON

Click here for Google map.

Hike on the ice from the Silver Harbour conservation area to Mary Island.

Silver Harbour is a busy ice fishing spot in the winter.? This year ice boat races are being held there.

Remember hiking out on the ice is not for beginners.? You need to be able to determine if the ice is safe, have the proper safety gear with you, and know what do if someone does go through the ice.? You will also need to use a compass or GPS to navigate across the ice if it begins to snow or if the wind comes up and you can no longer see the shoreline.

Silver Harbour Conservation Area is located on Silver Harbour Rd. in the Township of Shuniah. From the City, drive east along Lakeshore Dr. to Silver Harbour Rd. Turn right (south) on this road and follow the signs.

mary island ice hike

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I hope you're enjoying the site

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