Roundtrip: 4 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Location:? Thunder Bay, ON

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Most people visit Pigeon River Provincial Park to see the High Falls, but the hike to the lesser known Middle Falls Lookout is also worth the trip any time of year.

The Lookout Trail climbs to the top of a cliff that overlooks Lake Superior and the Pigeon River that forms the border between Ontario and Minnesota.?? The trail to the lookout was once well defined but has grown in since the park ceased operations.

From the old park buildings you can walk upstream through the campground area to view the Middle Falls.? Return to the park buildings and walk downstream.? Enter the bush and turn right, crossing a small log bridge.? Follow the somewhat grown-in trail along the Pigeon River.? Several steep sections must be negotiated before reaching the lookout.? Return by the same route.

From Thunder Bay, drive 65km south on highway 61 and turn right onto highway 593.? Park at the old visitor centre on the left.

Middle Falls Lookout

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