The Mt Maud Fire Tower is located near Grand Portage, MN and provides great views of the surrounding forest and Lake Superior.

Roundtrip: 250 m
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Grand Portage, MN

Click Here for Google Map.

As you can tell I have been fascinated by fire towers lately. This one is easy to get to and the views are great –whether or not you climb the tower. Be extra careful if you do decide to climb the tower as several of the platform boards are missing up past the halfway mark.

From the Pigeon River border crossing head west on Hwy 61S for 11.5 km. Turn Right onto County Road 17/Mineral Center Rd and follow it for 6.5 km. Continue going straight onto County Road 89 where Mineral Center Road makes a turn to the left. Follow County Road 89 for 2.8km and turn right onto Mt Maude Trail and follow it staying left for 1.3 km and parking in the turn-around area. The trail up to the tower starts in the turn-around area. The trail is short but quite steep.

If you have the fire tower bug you can visit these nearby fire towers, Mt Sophie Fire Tower, Hovland Tower.  If you know of any other fire tower locations, even if the fire tower is no longer there, please let me know in the comments below.  I would love to visit them too.

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I hope you're enjoying the site

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