The hike to Pearl Creek Cascade is a fun hike into a favourite local fishing spot.  You hike just over 1km from the road but you will feel like you are deep in the wilderness.

Roundtrip: 2.5 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Pearl, ON

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The trail follows a quad trail that can be pretty mucky through the middle section.  The quad tracks are easy to follow but the trail is not marked, so bring a map and a compass and make sure you are able to find your way on your own if you need to.

From Thunder Bay drive East on Hwy 11/17 for about 45km and turn right onto Road Number 5 South near Pearl.  Stay on Road No. 5 South for about 4km and you will see a logging road on the left.  Park out of the way close to the road.

The trail starts from here continuing on the site of an old logging road as it turns into a quad trail.  The quad trail ends in a turn around where you will see a foot trail leading down to the creek.  The foot trail comes out right at the base of the cascade.

I hope you're enjoying the site

I hope you're enjoying the site

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