The Prince & Jarvis trail is a 17 km loop that follows paths that used to be old logging roads and ski trails.

Round-trip: 17 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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This was a mining area in 1846, that was then logged before being purchased by the Ministry of Natural Resources in 1968. Several cross country ski trails were developed here over twenty years ago but they are no longer maintained and are becoming overgrown.

The hike starts at an old ski area parking lot and leads to a lookout over Lake Superior. The trail then follows a ridge to a second viewpoint where it descends the cliffs and travels through an ancient raised beach.

Drive South on Highway 61 and turn left onto Sturgeon Bay Road. Turn right onto Walker Road South and drive for about 5km and park before the washed-out bridge. Continue down the road on foot. The trail begins just past the creek crossing.

In the winter you can take an alternate route to the lookout by hiking down to Jarvis Bay Beach from Jarvis Bay Road, then crossing the frozen Jarvis River, and then hiking up the old logging road up to the lookout. The alternate route is shown on the map.

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