Roundtrip: 1km

Difficulty: Difficult

Location:? Marathon, ON

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The Crack in the Rock is a 110 metre long crack right through a mountain that you can hike through. You start on the CN tracks near the Pic River and end on the top of the mountain where you will gain fantastic views over Lake Superior, the Pic River, and Neys Provincial Park. This hike is not for the claustrophobic!

I find it strange that I can’t find a reference to this route in any guidebook or website despite the fact it is so well-known to locals.

From Thunder Bay drive East on Highway 17 for approximately 265km. 50km past Terrace Bay turn right onto the first dirt road after you cross the bridge over the Pic River and follow it to where it ends at a CN maintenance site.

Park near the train trestle and then walk across the trestle over the Pic River to the rock face. Once you cross the tracks the Crack in the Rock is located 240 metres from the Pic River on the North side. Once you enter the opening it does not look like the path is wide enough to follow all the way up, but it does stay about the same width the whole way working its way upward.? It is unnerving to pass under the large boulders that are wedged into the crack above.

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