The Devil’s Kettle trail follows along the Brule River with views of its waterfalls and rapids.

Roundtrip: 3km
Difficulty: Moderate (lots of stairs)
Location: Hovland, MN

Click Here for Google Map.

The trail starts in the Judge CR Magney main parking lot and ends at the Devil’s Kettle Falls.  But you can connect to the Superior Hiking Trail at the Devil’s Kettle Falls.

The river divides in two as it goes over the 50-foot Devil’s Kettle waterfall.  The section on the right lands at the base of the falls and continues downstream. The section on the left vanishes into a pothole known as the Devil’s Kettle and no one knows where it goes. It is believed that the water makes its way out to Lake Superior a mile away by means of underground passages, but the exact details are unknown. They have thrown dyes and logs and other things into the pothole, but apparently, nothing ever comes out.

From Thunder Bay take 61 south.  About 43km past the US border crossing look for the Judge Magney State Park sign on the Right.  A vehicle permit is required costing about $5 US per day.  The trail begins in the main parking lot.

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