Roundtrip: 1km

The Raven

The Eagle

Difficulty: Difficult

Location:? Thunder Bay, ON

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Hike up to the top of the first buttress of? the Sqaw Bay cliffs.? On the top you will find a sculpture made by Andrew Haigh and Ryan Horbacio a fews years ago?in the shape of an eagle by piling loose rocks.? It is quite something to see — and really hard to take a picture of.? The the trail up is steep and you will climb about 130 metres to get to the top.? As you can guess the views from the top are amazing.

From the James Street swing bridge turn left and drive east on City Road.? Turn right onto Mission Rd.? At the turn off to the Mt McKay lookout stay left and you will now be on Squaw Bay Road.? Follow Squaw Bay road to the Y at the waterfront.? Turn right here onto Brule Road.? Drive straight past the turn off to the treatment centre parking lot and continue for about 50m along Carp River Road and park off the road on a little point that you will see to the left.

Walk south along the road to the first little hill, about 50 metres, and start looking for a flagged trail.? If you don’t find it, bushwhack toward the talus slope that leads up just to the? left of the cliffs and you are sure to find the trail as you make your way past the fallen rock higher up the slope.

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